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Through their many years in the roofing industry, our local roofing contractors in Newcastle have honed their skills regarding flat roofs and felt roof installation. 

As a flat felt roof specialist, we have helped numerous domestic and commercial clients with their roofing needs throughout Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding North East. 

We can source the highest quality materials to create any scale or style of flat roof you need. Do not hesitate to call all us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Benefits Of Installing Felt Roofs

There are many beneifts to installing felt roofs onto your domestic or commercial property. Felt is an affordable material that can suit any budget. But, despite its affordability, felt provides fantastic protection from the elements, protecting your property from storm damage and leaks. 

Premium Newcastle Roofers is the best roofing company in Newcastle for felt roof installation, maintenance and repairs.


Felts are incredibly flexible materials, allowing our professional roofers to fit them to any size or shape of roof you may have. 

Not only this, but felts are available in a range of colours, allowing you to blend your property in with the surrounding environment with a bespoke designed roof.


Alongside their flexibility, felt materials are far lighter than most other roofing materials. 

This, therefore, makes them the ideal choice for weaker structures, such as garage roofs or shed roofs, where heavier materials could cause structural issues.


Felt membranes are far cheaper than other available roofing membranes such as PVC, fibreglass, rubber and asphalt. 

For domestic and commercial property owners with a tight budget but who don't want to compromise on quality, felt is the perfect roofing solution.

Easily repairable

Given that felts are a lightweight and inexpensive material, this makes repairing felt roofs that much easier. 

If you find that your felt roof is torn or otherwise damaged due to adverse weather or other factors, patching it should be no problem for our experienced local roofers.


While other flexible or cheap materials may worry property owners about their longevity, felt offers a fantastic combination of all these factors. 

When properly installed and maintained, felt can last a lifetime. Of course, our roofing contractors can help with any maintenance you need.

Protection from weather

Our fully qualified roofing team can install your felt roof in a way that secures it thoroughly around the perimeter of your roof. 

With this installation and an appropriate maintenance schedule, you can protect your building from all weather, come rain or shine.

We ensure that the highest quality service is always provided

Commercial Flat Roofers

Premium Newcastle Roofers offers a dedicated flat roof service for all our customers, including commercial clients. Flat roofs are a particularly popular roof style, given the ease of maintenance and cheap installation costs. 

They are the perfect roofing solution for those who want to protect their properties from the elements while keeping a close eye on the purse strings. 

If you could benefit from our professional flat roofing services, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free, no-obligation roofing quote.

Domestic Flat Roofers

We also offer dedicated domestic flat roofing services for clients in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding North East. No matter your roofing needs, our expert roofing contractors are on hand to help. 

We guarantee services at a high standard for every job we are called to do, securing our reputation as the best roofing company in Newcastle.

Flat felt roofing supply

With our industry experience, we can help any client when sourcing appropriate materials for their roofing system. 

Sourcing material for felt roofs requires professional experience, and our contractors can help you find the perfect felts for your roof.

Flat felt roof Installation

Once we have helped you source the best felts for your roof, our expert team will install them for you. 

This comprehensive service aims to create the perfect seal around the roof of your property to keep the weather out and protect your domestic or commercial property.

Flat felt roof Repairs

Should your flat felt roof suffer storm damage or any other form of wear and tear, our roofing team is on hand to perform specialist roof repairs. 

Roofing felt is easy and cheap to repair, allowing us to offer this service at affordable prices compared to other services at other companies.

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New Roofing Installation Newcastle

New Roofing Installation

Premium Newcastle Roofers provides a dedicated new roof installation service for customers throughout Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Felt Roofing Newcastle

Felt Roofing

Felt roofing is among the most popular flat roof materials, which our fully insured roofers can install at competitive prices. 

Rubber Roofing Systems Newcastle

Rubber Roofing Systems

EPDM rubber roofs are another popular choice of roofing materials that our experienced team can install for our customers.