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The Advantages Of EPDM Rubber Roofing

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  • 14-12-2022
The Advantages Of EPDM Rubber Roofing

Are you considering the advantages of EPDM rubber roofing? We look at the benefits of EPDM roofing and how much EPDM roofing costs.

What is EPDM Rubber?

There are numerous products to choose from when discovering flat roofing options most suitable for your property, building or household. 

Selecting the right flat roofing solution for your building or renovation project can be challenging and daunting, as so many have their own pros and cons to deliberate between.

EPDM rubber roofing offers several strengths, many of which lie in their immense durability and beautiful aesthetic nature.

It boasts easy installation and top-quality strength to ensure it is an excellent roofing option for construction work and the refurbishment of existing flat roofs. 

You may recognise many flat roofs as bitumen felt and fibreglass, which provides robustness in various projects; EPDM roofing is a high-quality, lightweight material solution suitable for a wide range of roofing styles and an extensive lifespan worth investing in. 

Benefits of EPDM Roofing

 Environmentally Friendly

One of EPDM's most significant selling points is that it can provide 100% recyclable materials. 

The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) launched a successful project in 2006 that discovered that approximately 3.5 million pounds of rubber membranes were diverted from landfills when uninstalled from a property.

It's an excellent alternative material compared to felt, and this is because it offers a life expectancy of around 50 years, and felt roofing only offers around 10-20 years for its homeowners. 

Such durability means there has been a prominent drop in other roofing materials that need to be disposed of over the years, making them incredibly eco-friendly. 

The Advantages of EPDM Rubber Roofing

 Prevents fires

One incredibly unique and admirable aspect of EPDM membranes is that they are entirely flame-resistant because they are curated from synthetic rubber and flame-retardant compounds.

Such compounds allow these membranes to remain stable and withstand vast, high temperatures, which is why it is an ideal roofing application. It is virtually impossible to set fire to rubber membranes, and its compounds are skilled at stopping the progression of existing fires occurring inside your property building. 


Rubber is a roofing material that many utilise and invest in for its long-lasting and durable qualities. It is a solution known for providing home and property owners high-quality performance over an extended lifespan.Such EPDM rubber roofing offers little maintenance, ensuring it is cost-effective and efficient for residential and commercial buildings. 

You won't have to spend extensive costs on repairs or replacements. EPDM roofing has an incredible thickness compared to various other flat roofing materials or other types of rubber.

Manufacturers such as RubberBond Fleeceback's rubber solution provides us with 2.6mm thickness, 180% greater tear resistance and at least 40% puncture resistance than other forms of rubber roofing materials and brands. As far as EPDM goes, it has become an ideal new flat roof system for all homeowners searching for the perfect low-maintenance, long-lasting material. 

Professionals have religiously tested these solutions in the industry, and there are examples of 30-50-year-old roofs sealed with EPDM rubber that are continuously performing like brand-new roofs. For those looking for greater energy efficiency, this may be the material for you, as its durability ensures that all heat will be locked inside your household. 

 Low maintenance

In comparison with several existing flat roofing methods and alternatives, with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), there is almost no maintenance required to withstand the elements and extreme conditions. It is a material that offers inane levels of durability due to its increased membrane thickness, making them resistant to ageing, as they last for approximately 50 years.

EPDM is an easy solution to take care of, even if you only require small repairs; professionals use a broad range of high-quality sealants and liquid glues that help do the trick. The material is almost entirely weatherproof, withstanding extreme cold and the sun's heat, such as heavy rain, harsh winds, harmful UV rays, radiation and hailstorm. Its flexibility and robust strength help deplete all risks of leaks or cracks. 

 Hassle-free installation

EPDM rubber membranes are a roofing solution that has been cleverly designed over the years to ensure it is straightforward to install and incredibly hassle-free. Such rubber is curated using fewer seams than traditional solutions for felt roofing, enabling smoother, more seamless application, no pun intended.

EPDM can also be cut into much larger sizes that benefit and suit your property requirements, ensuring more of your roof is covered in a single application for an easier, less expensive installation or purchase. You may be shocked to discover that it's the ideal roofing solution for re-roofing occupied buildings or houses requiring roof replacement. Its installation is unintrusive, quick and quiet, allowing homeowners to continue their regular activities undisturbed. 

 Safe material

Rubber roofing is an incredibly safe material to utilise throughout the application process and is safe for those inside to maintain. 

It requires no welding or heat to install, which makes the process much quicker than the traditional flat roofing materials, alongside being much safer for installers to carry out. It's essential to have a roof properly installed that successfully protects you from various elements.

Rubber roofing is known for being flame resistant, with EPDM achieving European fire ratings of the highest degree. 

Rubber roofing is designed to offer plenty of security and durability, aiming to keep your household as safe as possible from potential damage. EPDM is the perfect flat roofing material; it's easy-to-apply and incredibly durable for many projects and structures. 

Rubber roofing is an incredibly safe material

About EPDM Rubber Roofing 

Installing EPDM flat roof rubber membranes onto your property's roofing structure is far easier for those with more traditional households and roofs. 

When these installations are completed adequately, you can expect your roofing membranes to last around 50 years, which is why it's an incredibly popular choice for homeowners. 

You can utilise EPDM rubber solutions for various types of roofs, including low-pitched roofs. Compared to numerous traditional roofing styles and materials available, EPDM, with its rubber membrane, is incredibly easy to install and versatile.

They can be successfully installed onto a broad range of angles and surfaces. If you need clarification on whether EPDM roofs may suit your type of property, we recommend contacting a local professional or reliable roofing contractor for a quick site visit. 

EPDM flat roofing, over the years, is gradually becoming a popular material used for roofing for homeowners in England. Plenty of its appeal comes from the fact it isn't inexpensive to acquire, install or maintain over its extensive lifespan.

The typical cost of EPDM rubber in the UK is around £45-£70 metres squared, and the labour costs typically sit around £15-£25m2. If you desire a larger roof, that will require more EPDM and the installation of take much longer, ultimately costing you more. 

A professional can bond an EPDM rubber roof with high-quality asphalt as long as it is on a FlexiProof Fleece-Backed material. It is a roofing solution that professionals cannot apply to bonded onto uneven surfaces, for example, shingles or rough roofing material foundations, as these can prevent the membrane from bonding to the surface correctly. 

Once professional roofers have installed an EPDM flat roof onto your properties, garages or extensions, they can then begin to fit tiles and slabs on the top for additional durability and enhanced aesthetic appeal. 

We highly recommend homeowners consider numerous factors before choosing to tile over their EPDM roofing, as a single rubber membrane sheet accurately serves as a long-lasting, durable foundation.

However, if you desire a different visual, you can hire experienced roofers to install new slabs or tiles over the EPDM single sheets. Numerous roofing and paving support systems are skillfully designed by manufacturers that can be precisely placed onto your roofing membrane without high-quality adhesives, making them leagues ahead of other materials. 

When your property base is fitted, it can withstand more slabs or tiles; however, before proceeding with such plans to add tiles to your EPDM flat roof, we recommend contacting a professional in your local area for further advice.

Are you looking for the best EPDM rubber roofing services in and around Newcastle. Whatever you require, our professional team can assist you with everything from small repairs to installing a completely new roof.